Sunday, January 25, 2009

Concrete Countertops (and running water)

We installed the two largest pieces of concrete countertops today and hooked up our new faucet and sink drain!
We're very excited. We can now fill up containers taller than 4 inches without using the bathtub and within the next week we hope to have the dishwasher hooked up as well.
The concrete countertops turned out very well. Zack wasn't too excited about the front edges, but I don't mind them. I think it looks just like a concrete countertop should. The edge around the sink will need an aluminum closure strip to hide that edge and to provide an easy joint to caulk.


Leigh Chandler said...

Deanna, I love what you have done with this gem of a home! I'm from Kansas City and have been away since 1982 and miss the warious styles of architecture there. I am looking to buy a Mid-Century Modern here in Las Vegas, but haven't seen anything like yours yet! Mostly the ceilings are much lower and that is something that I crave. I'll keep looking and watching your story for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

liz.whitehead said...

Hi Deanna - thanks for posting your rehab! I bought a Cliff May in Long Beach CA in July 2008, and am getting ready to start some rehab work too. It's great to see what you've done. And, it looks great!