Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Update at Long Last

We've moved very slowly this winter, but we did get a new furnace; we wired, insulated and drywalled our living room and hallway; and just last weekend, we ripped out our kitchen cabinets. We'll take out the drywall and tile floor this weekend.
before after
So the kitchen isn't quite to the looking better stage yet, but it will be soon hopefully.
I was really hoping to find some old photographs or stashes of cold hard cash while we ripped out the cabinets, but we found something cool anyway. On the floor under the cabinets was a brochure from the builder of the home. It has yellowed and suffered a little bit of termite damage from the termite infestation years of long ago, but it's still mostly readable and very enjoyable as it advertises a "magazine cover home designed by Cliff May" built by Stanley Cowherd Company and "plastic topped mahogany cabinets" (I think ours got skimped on that part -- it was pretty ordinary masonite and plywood).