Monday, December 8, 2008

Kitchen Still Moving Slowly

We have pendants (but only two lightbulbs)! For the first time, we both really like the kitchen because it's starting to actually look like one!
We will be pouring the concrete countertops next weekend. The island countertop will be laminate with the exposed plywood edges. We're using this laminate:
And someday, we hope to have this Electrolux range:


jerad said...

Sweet Laminate!

Max van Balgooy said...

Wow! You're doing a great job and really preserving the modern spirit of the place. Although we're far outside of KC, we are doing research on the history and design work of Cliff May in southern California (but always like hearing about what else is going on elsewhere) and put our discoveries online at our blog at Keep up the good work! Max

Steve said...

We chose the very same laminate countertop for our bathroom vanity. It's not installed yet (they ordered the wrong flooring... so we wait) but the vanity is ready to go and the laminate looks great. You'll love it!
GREAT blog, and good luck!-Steve

Delia said...

Love the work you are doing. BTW-we saw your Electrolux slide-in at the Sears Outlet store for $17XX. We ended up getting the Electrolux cooktop, and love it. I fell in love with the slide-in range. It is really sweet. If we see another one at the Sears Outlet, we'll let you know.

Andrew said...

Can we get an update on the kitchen and the rest of the house?